Clean Communication

Clean Communication is the real and human way for companies and employees to engage. It’s the only way to break down the confusion, inertia and underlying fear that holds employees back from sparking action.

Clean Comms is grounded in self-responsibility, and consciously creating adult to adult relationships. If you want employees to truly participate, they need to understand for themselves what needs to be done and feel energised and trusted to do it.

At Onefish Twofish, we create comms and experiences to bring strategy and values to life and enable your people to practice creating change and ‘acting like owners’. We are known for the way we creatively engage with employees and enable businesses to break out of the “standard way of doing things” – from strategy engagement to induction and performance management.

There are 4 key principles that underpin Clean Communication, nail these and the execution will follow…

The clean comms Experience day

This 1-day session is a deep, experiential workshop that introduces your team to the latest thinking and concepts used in Employee Engagement right now.

We have had an extraordinary response from people wanting to understand our IP and the techniques we use in creative engagement, so we have created The Clean Comms Experience as a chance to get your HR team together for one day to experience first hand what creative, energising engagement really feels like.

We bring all our latest intellectual property on sparking action through engagement, comms and aligning other HR interfaces. The whole HR team can ‘download’ what’s fresh and innovative right now. It’s a very energising, very stretching day that brings your team together and resets the engagement agenda.

Designed specifically as a way to compress a big piece of consultancy into a single day experience for ‘hungry-for-new’ HR leaders.

This session offers learning at 4 levels:

  • understanding the concepts
  • experiencing the concept in the first person
  • experiencing the facilitation style associated with each concept
  • trying out concepts and facilitation for yourself

We can run this type of workshop for as little as 6 people, all the way up to teams of 120 per day.

With the emphasis on open participation, this is a safe environment for your team to have the opportunity to take a leadership role; set the agenda; try their hand at coaching facilitation techniques and make sound fast decisions to keep active engagement on track.

Here are just 4 of the concepts you can expect to explore:

  1. Circle of Safety
  2. Adult to Adult
  3. Deliberately Developmental Organisations
  4. Radical Values Re-alignment

Confident facilitation is essential for not only communicating thought provoking and innovative concepts but as a tool to enable others to spark action and participate fully. We use a variety of techniques to facilitate discussion, reach critical outcomes, inspire change and create new perspectives.

Discover more about the Clean Comms Experience Day or contact us to discuss a specific challenge.

Meet the experts

Andrew Wood

An employee and engagement specialist and hugely experienced coach, mentor, and facilitator, Andrew has built learning cultures in international companies; designed and led award-winning global culture change and engagement programmes; and consulted with businesses in the Pharma, automotive, creative, finance and media sectors. He is a firm believer in empowering and engaging people to  make extraordinary things happen. 

Jess Medling

A master facilitator, Jess works with leadership teams during periods of key organisational change, and growth. With experience of working in high profile brands such as Cineworld, Mondelez, Nokia and Adidas – Jess has an energy that transforms teams, whether its focus groups or large-scale creative engagement.

Carrie Bedingfield

Pioneer and founder of Clean Communication, Carrie helps organisations to win hearts and minds with honest, direct communication. The brains behind some of our most creative programmes with Mondelez, BBC and myhomemove, Carrie enables people to take responsibility, speak the truth and joyfully make stuff happen.

Sarah Judd

As Head of Internal Communications and Engagement at PizzaExpress Sarah led a number of change programmes and engagement initiatives including a business-wide transformation of service and culture. Sarah is passionate about harnessing the power of people, and building strong leadership to deliver engagement.

Sally Ferguson

Sally is passionate about helping people and businesses grow. She is a commercially minded facilitator, coach, trainer and Learning and Development Consultant. With experience in organisations such as Cadbury, Unilever, Rank Hovis McDougall and Northern Foods.



Natasha Plowman

Natasha has over 15 years of communications and corporate affairs experience spanning corporate, FMCG, government and NGO sectors. She is a sought-after adviser to senior executives on reputation and crisis management, as well as being a seasoned employee and stakeholder communications and engagement practitioner.

Who we work with

Case study

BBC Worldwide

Transforming BBC Worldwide's induction programme, Onefish Twofish style. Goodbye sheep dip, hello buzz.

The reading list

Immunity to Change

by Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey

This book shows how our individual beliefs along with the collective mind-sets in our organisations combine to create a natural but powerful immunity to change. By revealing how this holds us back, it discusses how to unlock potential, overcome inertia and move forward, both as an individual and a business.

Wilful Blindness

by Margaret Heffernan

Examining the concept of wilful blindness, demonstrating how highly intelligent people can deliberately “turn a blind eye” to errors, mistakes and issues, and highlighting the consequences. Margaret looks at how hard work and the sheer information overload of the modern workplace exacerbate the problem, and how to open our eyes.

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